Celebration of thanksgiving in USA is made in remembrance of the prosperity of that bunch of pilgrims who had migrated to the Americas in search of a place where they could practice their religion and flourish. These pilgrims who started the American thanksgiving were actually separatists of the English church who migrated from their land and went to Holland first.


This place, as they perceived it, was not fit for having a godly way of life which again led them to board a ship and leave for another place. This time they landed in the Americas where they initially found it very difficult to survive. Thanksgiving in America is celebrated for the prosperity that they later enjoyed. It was due to the efforts of the native Indians who lived in these lands. They taught these pilgrims how to grow crops and cultivate their fields. The grains and the complete produce that came out in the year 1621 was something the pilgrims gave credit of to the native Indians.


The first Native American thanksgiving took place in 1621 when a big feast was arranged with the pilgrims as well as the Native Americans on a big rock in Plymouth. There were many dishes that were prepared for this occasion with vegetables and meat, desserts and drinks. American Thanksgiving was meant to be a day for expressing gratitude to the lord for blessing the pilgrims for such prosperity and this tradition is still continued and celebrated all over the country.

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