All parts of the United States celebrate thanksgiving with a lot of fervour and zeal. However, the way of celebration might be different of one part from another depending upon the ethnicity of the people and their culture. Brazil thanksgiving, in a similar manner is celebrated contemporarily. .


Celebration of Thanksgiving in Brazil is done for expressing gratitude to the lord for the good harvest that has been made throughout the year. The great carnival is famous for this country and also is thanksgiving which they celebrate with a great meal. This concept of Brazil thanksgiving was brought to the country by the Ambassador of Brazil when he visited US on invitation which was sent to him by the National Cathedral of Washington DC. Since the year 1949, this day is being celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in Brazil. .


On this day, a great meal is prepared in almost every household. The recipes are not very different from that in Unites States. The same way of stuffing and the main dish of turkey are popular on Brazil Thanksgiving too. The usual recipes include mashed potatoes, corn stuffing, pumpkin pie, turkey, sweet potato, etc. Just one difference lies in the meals and that is the absence of cranberry sauce because of the absence of cranberries in Brazil. However, the jaboticaba sauce is a good alternative to cranberry sauce in the Brazil thanksgiving meal.

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