Canadian Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October all over the country. This day is celebrated in remembrance of the happening when explorer Martin Frobisher found a passage to Newfoundland. The history of Canada thanksgiving is different from that of America in the fact that it celebrates homecoming and not harvest. It was in the year 1578 that a formal ceremony for celebration of Thanksgiving Day in Canada was held. .


The Canadian thanksgiving celebration is held over the long three-day weekend since Thanksgiving Day is a Monday. The meal which people lay out in remembrance of this can be done on any of the three days. On the occasion of Canadian thanksgiving, the churches are decorated with many things related to the occasion. Harvest bounty like cornucopias, pumpkins, wheat sheaves or corn etc is used for the purpose. People sing hymns in English on the Sunday of the weekend of thanksgiving.


People, on Canadian thanksgiving prepare amazing large meals for family and even invite friends to their place. Great meals with multiple courses of food are prepared with turkey and pumpkin as the special ingredients to the dishes. There are parades and celebrations on the streets. Also, there are some people who take this chance for a getaway to meet cousins and friends who live far away or just have a break from their routine life. All such celebrations make this day special for the people of Canada on the occasion of thanksgiving.

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