Thanksgiving is a very happy occasion for everyone since the harvest of crops and foods is celebrated and everyone is truly grateful. This is a time when we wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and share our joys and happiness with close friends and family. This occasion is meant to be united in such a time and be grateful to the lord for his blessings.


Families and friends come together at one place and have the thanksgiving dinner. The main dish for this special dinner is turkey which is cooked roasted or stuffed and is the centrepiece of the dinner table on thanksgiving. To arrange such a dinner, people are to be invited with personalised calls and invitations that render a heart-touching emotion to this day. Decoration of the house is also important since the day is special. Flowers, centrepieces can be used for decoration and this would make the house look just amazing.


Various prayers for a happy thanksgiving are also said by the members of the family sitting around the table and everyone starts off with their meal. An environment of joy and gaiety takes over everyone and people can open up with each other about their emotions and feelings. Use this day of a happy thanksgiving and make it the best for all celebrations and also to pray for a prosperous year ahead.

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