Thanksgiving is an occasion which has its traced back to 1621 and is actually the Pilgrims’ thanksgiving. These puritans or Pilgrims sailed from England to Holland and then finally to Americas which was the New World. These pilgrims had tried to cleanse the Church of England but since they failed to do so, they were asked to leave the country and they went to Holland.


However, they did not find Holland in accordance with the godly ways of living and therefore planned to leave it too. Again starting off aboard the Mayflower, they lost their way due to strong winds and landed at Massachusetts in 1620.


After facing a lot of problems in the new world and facing difficulty in survival, they finally were taught by the Wampanoag Indians how to cultivate. They then learnt to live their own life and be self-sufficient. The pilgrim’s first thanksgiving was then celebrated to thank god for his blessings and for showering prosperity and self-sufficiency to them. The Indians were also invited to the pilgrim’s thanksgiving and it lasted for three days. .

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