Everyone in America celebrates the festival of thanksgiving with great joy and fervour. People have a lot of fun on this day and everyone enjoys with their family and friends. However, there is one question to ponder. Is the true meaning of thanksgiving lost over these years? We have to sit and think whether we are solving the purpose of the occasion of thanksgiving or just taking this day lightly as an off from routine work. .


Thanksgiving is thought to be, by many people across the country with incomplete knowledge, as the day when Christopher Columbus stepped on the American land. This however is not true since there is another different importance of this day. The pilgrims who had come from England to start a new life in a godly state were helped by the Native Indians of Plymouth in settling in this region. They were taught how to cultivate their own food and be independent and survive well. As a celebration of this feat which the pilgrims had over the difficult circumstances that they had to face, the day was celebrated. This gives the real meaning of thanksgiving when all such obstacles were removed from the way of the pilgrims by their willpower. .


The true meaning of thanksgiving can also be taken as the unity between different races and cultures to overcome any barriers in the way to survival. The unity between people without the distinction of caste, colour or creed is an example that has to be followed and is reminded on every thanksgiving. No matter which god one believes in, on this day it would be best to thank him for everything that he has blessed us with and this would be the actual meaning of thanksgiving. In addition to just having a party or dinner, it is better to say the thanking prayers to the lord almighty too.

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