On the occasion of gratitude which is thanksgiving which is a part of our culture, it is also very much required that the kids too are enlightened about the importance of this day. This is best done through activities for them which will make them enjoy the day and also give them knowledge about this day and the history behind it. Numerous thanksgiving activities can be planned for the kids, young and old so that they can have a great time on thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving activities for all grades of children can be planned. For very young children who cannot take up any serious activities, slide shows can be arranged for them using animation and historical pictures. For the slightly elder ones, language arts can be arranged. These include reading, making thank you cards, reciting poems, story-telling, word cards, etc which will keep the kids involved with the activities for thanksgiving.


For the elder kids, other activities can be arranged. Printable activities can be searched and the children can be asked to perform them. Books, colouring problems, quizzes, units of history of this occasion of thanksgiving, social studies lessons, mathematics, etc can be arranged for them as a part of the thanksgiving activities.

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