The occasion of thanksgiving is especially very exciting and looked forward too by the kids who wish for a few days off from school. Also, this occasion means for them a lot of decoration and class parties that they can celebrate legitimately in the school with their friends.


The teachers can make use of this opportunity with which they can make their students aware about the history of the country as well as the occasion of thanksgiving. Creative thanksgiving bulletin boards can be made at a very low cost and the children can also be involved in the activity. Making a Thanksgiving bulletin board is an easy task and will cost very less if the teacher uses the correct techniques. Only the cost of paper and glue is required to be borne since only creativity is required. .


A very creative thanksgiving bulletin board idea is o make a turkey without feathers. The children can also be involved in the activity by asking them to take feathers and stick them one by one on the turkey. The feathers can be meant to thank the lord for something that they are really grateful for. The teachers can tell the children and the importance of the day can also be told to them. Another way of celebrating the thanksgiving bulletin boards is to make a village on a poster. This village may depict the village at Plymouth. The first thanksgiving feast can be depicted in the poster with Indians and the pilgrims with the hats and the correct importance of this day can be told to the kids on occasion of thanksgiving.

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