The importance of thanking the supreme power for his mercy on the human race has been realised by all races and since the pre-historic times. Even in the modern times, people celebrate thanksgiving around the world even though it might be in different forms, on different dates and by different names. People from all over the world share one common belief and that is their faith in god, a supreme power. Thanksgiving around the world is celebrated to pray gratitude for his blessings that we have all received.


The most widespread form of this festival is celebrated in the US and Canada and is known by the same name which is Thanksgiving Day. A great meal which is very lavish and has turkey as the main dish in the thanksgiving meal is prepared and friends and family members are invited over for the thanksgiving meal. Also, in Korea too this festival is celebrated and is known by the name of Chusok. It is spread over three days. It is also called as the Korean thanksgiving.


In India, there are three festivals for thanksgiving that are celebrated for the harvests every year. These are Pongal, Onam and Baisakhi and are celebrated in different states of the country and in different ways. The thanksgiving festival of Israel is called as Succoth and lasts for seven days. The people have their own way of thanking god which even means they have to live in temporary booth that are made in open space. In African countries like Nigeria and Ghana, there is a harvest festival too which is called as Yam. The name of the festival is given after the most common food crop and also the first one to be harvested which is yam.

The first harvests are offered to god which is a gesture to thank him for his blessings. All these festivals are just another way of celebrating thanksgiving around the world. Find the Related Thanksgiving category images.

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