Thanksgiving is not specifically a Christian festival or occasion but it specially means a lot to the people who follow Jesus Christ. This is because of the presence of prayers in the bible which directly relate to this occasion by reference to thanking god for his blessings and the bounty that he has allowed to everyone for survival. Christian thanksgiving blessings are said on the day of thanksgiving to express gratitude to the almighty for prosperous survival.


The Christian thanksgiving blessings that are related to this day directly are said before the thanksgiving meal is enjoyed. These prayers make oneself aware of the blessings and privileges that god has bestowed everyone with. This feeling of being lucky is thanked for to the almighty and makes thanksgiving a very special day for the Christians.


For the babies who are new born and this thanksgiving is their first one, Christian thanksgiving blessings which are received from the friends and close family also mean a lot. Also, any charities and good acts that are done in the name of the child fetch him a lot of good wishes from everyone. With such Christian thanksgiving blessings for everyone, this day is cherished as a very important one and is celebrated with joy every year.

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