Offers some great collection of Thanksgiving book which tells story of mayflower and the history of the first Thanksgiving-how the pilgrims came to the island. These thanksgiving story and coloring books are for pre-schoolers. The all type of Book Of Thanksgiving have lots of Poems, and turkey Recipes books for sharing with everyone. The colorful print out of the coloring book also have information about turkey day customs, fun activities, crafts to make.


This ultimate resource made for kids, parents and teachers! to say "I am Thankful for All These Things" Here the the children are the illustrators of the book to read and explain the story. The two popular story books are below:

(1)Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland
(2)Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving by Ann Mcgovern .
(3) Gobble up a good book for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Books

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