Thanksgiving is considered to be a day when the lord almighty is thanked for all the blessings that he has showered on people. The prosperity that everyone has enjoyed, the food grains that have been cultivated and relished, everything is thanked for. The meal of gratitude is celebrated in the thanksgiving November when on the fourth Thursday of the month everyone gets together with their family and cooks up a great meal and enjoys a good time.


Thanksgiving November is a month of giving thanks to the god. People do this by way of getting together, saying out gratitude prayers for the almighty, having fun with each other and then savoring a meal specially cooked for the occasion. Some dishes are even fixed for the occasion of thanksgiving since they are considered to be had on the first thanksgiving that happened in Plymouth in 1621.


The proclamation of the thanks giving month to god was done by President Franklin D. Roosevelt who fixed the fourth Saturday of the month. It was declared to be a legal national holiday and everyone has a great time on this day in the thanksgiving November.

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