Thanksgiving is a time when everyone collects and gets together for a great treat which is organised by one of family or friends. It is mainly about a dinner which is hosted in gratitude to the lord almighty. This gratitude is for the bountiful blessings which come to them in the form of harvests and prosperity which lasts for the whole year. .


On Thanksgiving Day, people invite their friends and family which make it a great occasion by coming together and having a great time. Various dishes are prepared by the host. These recipes include the main focus of Thanksgiving dinner which is turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, etc. Also, special preparations are made about the décor of the place of dinner. Turkey and related decorative pieces are used up in the decoration. Also, there are various centrepieces ideas too for thanksgiving which can be used.


People also prefer to go on a long weekend on the occasion of thanksgiving since it is the fourth Thursday. Friday can be taken as a vacation and people go on a four day-long vacation to some distant place or relative in another city. Parades also take place on the main avenues of the city and all this about thanksgiving a great occasion of gratitude to enjoy by everyone. So find all the best Thanksgiving Celebration ideas in Autumn holiday season after Halloween and before Diwali and Christmas.

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