The very first thanksgiving feast was celebrated in 1621 in Plymouth when the colonists of the area and the Wampanoag Indians had their feast in gratitude to god to let them survive for their first year in the New World. It is said that it was actually in 1525 on September 5th that this happened but by some this is regarded as the first thanksgiving myth. It was actually ingratitude of the harvest that god had allowed to them before which they used to collect and gather food from here and there and survived over it. .


European settlers in the North America too celebrate this occasion of Thanksgiving since they arrived healthily on this new land and flourished here. It has been centuries now that the first thanksgiving took place and the tradition has been continuing since then. It is a legacy that generations have been carrying on their shoulders and celebrating every year with full spirit and fun.


On the actual first thanksgiving, there was an enormous meal in respect of the harvest and the bounty of crops that god had bestowed upon them. Venison and fowl are considered to be the certain dishes on the menu on the occasion of the first thanksgiving in 1621 in Plymouth. Turkey is also a very important that is considered to have been cooked on the first thanksgiving dinner party. More of meat and less of vegetables were a part of the meal and also the cooking was surprisingly spicy which the tradition was at that time.

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