The time of harvest for any race, community or land is special since it is the time to reap all the hard work that one has put in throughout the year. Thanksgiving is harvest festival which is celebrated throughout the country of Americas, in Canada and also in UK. The dates might be different but the importance of the day is the same. Plentiful harvest celebration is done on this day and god almighty is thanked for his mercy and bounty that he has blessed us with.


The celebration of thanksgiving which is a harvest festival is done by preparing a lavish meal which has its main food usually as the turkey. This meal is preceded by saying prayers and words of gratitude at the table. Also, sermons are organised in the churches of the place. Canada observes the Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday of October since it is located up north and this is the best time for the harvest. US and its states have the celebration of thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. Britain has its thanksgiving day according to the harvest time for the place.


Also, elsewhere around the world thanksgiving is celebrated as harvest festival according to the time of harvest and it further depends on the climate of the place. Thanksgiving is a harvest festival and it gets its due importance as a special day when everything we have received from nature is thanked for. The very existence and flourish of families and also the human race is thanked for to the almighty.

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