For kids, the traditions and customs of the day of thanksgiving might not mean much but still it is a day of happiness and fun for them. For them, thanksgiving is a day when they can have their share of fun and laughter, happiness and frolic and a big way to do that is through thanksgiving art. Kids can be provided with numerous projects of art like Thanksgiving Turkeys and Scarecrows which can keep them happy and occupied on the day of thanksgiving.


Art is something through which kids can express their creativity as well as deep-felt feelings. On thanksgiving, art can be great ways to have kids know the traditions of this day of thanksgiving. The kids can be given projects of art related to thanksgiving. Drawings to be made of the turkey and then colouring them can be a good option for the kids to keep them busy. Also, printable art projects can be taken so as to keep them interested. In these, paintings depicting the first thanksgiving can be given to the kids to paint. Inquisitiveness is sure to arise in their minds and this is a great way to know the history that they might otherwise find boring.


Thanksgiving art projects also include a wide variety of other activities. These may include crafts, collection of things related to the occasion, to make something for decoration of the house like a cornucopia, making a clay thanksgiving village, etc. With such art activities for thanksgiving, people can certainly keep their kids busy and let them have a great time too.

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