The occasion of thanksgiving has a lot of traditions and customs attached to it which everyone has been following since hundreds of years now. These thanksgiving customs stem from the history attached to this occasion and the beliefs and traditions which are at the root of this celebration. Thanksgiving is a very popular festival in Americas and the thanksgiving customs are followed with great fervour and dedication.


There are various Turkey day customs and traditions that are followed on thanksgiving. The main and most important of these customs is that of praying to god and expressing gratitude to him for all the food and abundance he has blessed us with. For this, people go to the church and attend masses which are organised on this day. Even on the dinner table, before the meal is begun everyone prays to god for the meal that he has blessed them with. Another important and popular custom is that of the thanksgiving meal that everyone enjoys with true liking. All members of the family and close friends are invited for this thanksgiving meal. Great dishes are prepared and everyone looks forward to amazing food in the thanksgiving meal.


Decoration is another important facet of this day of thanksgiving. It is custom which is followed by everyone hosting a thanksgiving meal. Cornucopias, centrepieces, ivory candlesticks, etc are used to decorate the house and the dining table which then look amazing and perfectly set for the celebration of thanksgiving. For those who cannot be invited to the thanksgiving dinner or have gone away for the extended weekend, sending thanksgiving messages is another custom which is followed by everyone. Messages of love and gratitude and deep-felt feelings are sent to them to convey the best wishes wherever they are. With such customs and traditions, thanksgiving truly is an American festival and a reason to celebrate.

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