Turkey is a very important dish which is made on the occasion of thanksgiving and is the main dish of the meal that is prepared on the occasion of thanksgiving. Cooking thanksgiving turkey custom has arisen from the first thanksgiving that was celebrated in 1621 at Plymouth. Turkey was one of the main dishes in the first thanksgiving meal too. This makes it a very important ingredient of the dishes today too.


Since there were not many provisions available at that time, the dishes were simple but spicy and tasteful. Also, there was more of meat and less of vegetable dishes in the thanksgiving meal. Also, at that time any wild bird was called a turkey and people have since then followed the cooking thanksgiving turkey custom. Turkey is therefore cooked on every thanksgiving in the form of various dishes to continue the customs started in 1621.


Till the present day too, cooking thanksgiving turkey custom is followed. Stuffed dishes of turkey, roasted, grilled, fried dishes can be made of the turkey which appeals to the taste buds of the people. All these facts and history of the importance of turkey make it a very important dish and even a symbol of the day of thanksgiving.

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