For all that has been given to us by god, the gifts of nature, the rivers, waterfalls, food to eat, water to drink, the clouds, the skies, human relationships, everything we require to express our gratitude for all this. Thanksgiving Day is the celebration of the harvest that has been made by the people. This is one day when the whole families sit together to have dinner and thank god for his bounty and the great harvest that helps people survive.


The celebration of this is a much awaited event which happens to unite families and friends. For the food that has been given to us for the whole year and all other facilities, Thanksgiving is the day when we can thank god for his bounties. Thanksgiving Day celebration is done on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States whereas in Canada, it is on the second Monday of October considering the time of harvest in the respective countries. Thanksgiving Day 2009 will be celebrated on 12th of October, 2009 in Canada whereas in US, it will be celebrated on 26th March 2009. Sometimes considered to have a religious touch too, Thanksgiving Day is usually considered to be a secular holiday.


On this Thanksgiving Day, people celebrate with great fervor. The houses are decorated with beautiful decoration materials, lights, etc. Feasts are arranged and close friends and family are called over to celebrate. A lot of dishes can be prepared, especially with a turkey which is the traditional food for this day, no matter how it is cooked. Many customs and other traditions are also followed on this day which include superb foods, great customs, parades, feasts, pledges, proclamation, etc.

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