The most traditional and attached-to-the-roots way to celebrate Thanksgiving is the thanksgiving dinner which is arranged by most people on this special day of celebration. Since the original celebration in 1621 which is considered to be the reason for Thanksgiving dinner menu which is traditional includes various dishes like stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes along with cranberry sauce and with pumpkin pie as dessert.


The first thanksgiving dinner which was considered to be celebrated in Plymouth in 1621 is said to have fowl and venison as the main dishes of the dinner. In fact any bird that they caught was called a turkey. Swan was also cooked as a main course dish. More of meat and less of vegetables constituted the dinner. Also, it was served altogether and not in courses and was really too spicy as well in the thanksgiving dinner. Pumpkin pie was not a dish since other ingredients were not available but boiled pumpkin was a dish in the first thanksgiving dinner.


People use various thanksgiving dinner ideas on this special occasion. New dishes of the traditional ingredients are tried out by them and this makes it a novel affair for everyone to remember. Great garnishing of the roasted turkey is done which is most usually the centre of all the dishes that form the menu of the thanksgiving dinner.

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