A hearty meal is what everyone looks forward to on the occasion of thanksgiving. The dishes and recipes that make up the meal simply take everyone with awe and wonder with all the hard work and also love put in to make it possible. The thanksgiving menu is however required to be made in advance for the occasion since it requires some preparations and arrangements to be made beforehand.


The thanksgiving dinner menu may consist of the traditional recipes which stand good to the original day of thanksgiving and the meal celebrated then. Modern dishes too may have a place on the thanksgiving menu depending upon the taste and the kind of guests invited. Various dishes can be included in the thanksgiving meal and these include gelatine salads, English muffins, turkey mornay, focaccia sandwiches, chocolate Sundae pie, etc.


The traditional thanksgiving menu however is slightly different. Turkey is the main dish in a traditional thanksgiving meal. Stuffed turkey is the choice for most. It may be fried, roasted or smoked. To go along with the turkey dish is the cranberry sauce which is made fresh from cranberries. Also, to make the thanksgiving menu more interesting is the dish of mashed potatoes which may be sweet or glazed. A great combination is made by these meals which makes the occasion very enjoyable for all.

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