For this day of gratitude and joy towards the Almighty for his blessings, the prosperity that has been showered over the people, everyone celebrate the great meal and the celebration of togetherness. There are a lot of facts and trivia attached to this day and the traditions that people follow. Some of these interesting thanksgiving facts are given below:


  • Celebration of thanksgiving in the United States s done on the fourth Thursday of November. Canada however celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday of October due to the change in weather.
  • The name of the ship on which the Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean was Mayflower.
  • The pilgrims who travelled on the Mayflower first landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in United States.


  • It was the Wampanoag Indians who were the first ones to make the pilgrims self-dependent by teaching them how to cultivate crops.
  • The first thanksgiving feast was celebrated at Plymouth on a very big rock and the Wampanoag Indians who actually had taught the pilgrims how to cultivate crops
  • The first proclamation for the first national Thanksgiving Day was made by the President George Washington in 1789 and also in 1795.

  • Thanksgiving was also made an annual custom but it was done in the year 1917
  • It was only in 1941 that thanksgiving was declared as an official holiday for the United States of America.

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