On thanksgiving, the main focus is on the food that is prepared on this special day. A hearty meal in gratitude is cooked and celebrated by people and is savoured with families that get together on this day and also friends who are close to the heart. Thanksgiving food has to be prepared with a great heart and a lot of love is a very important ingredient for all the dishes and recipes that are cooked. There are various traditional and modern dishes that can be considered for cooking for this day and the meal can be made very special.


There are a variety of dishes that can be cooked. The main dish is the turkey which can be cooked in various different ways. Roasted, fried, steamed, stuffed etc are the different ways a turkey can be cooked. Various kinds of stuffing can be tried out with the turkey. Cranberry sauce is another favourite with people who wish to make their dinner traditional. New dishes and recipes are also tried out on this day to make it more likeable according to taste of the people. Various kinds of desserts can also be considered to end the supper on the day of thanksgiving. Traditionally it can be a pie but cookies, tarts, pastries, clusters, etc are also options that can be considered according to taste to end the thanksgiving food with a sweet note.


The Thanksgiving food items are below.

  • Thanksgiving Appetizers
  • Thanksgiving Bread Pudding
  • Thanksgiving Cake
  • Thanksgiving Desserts
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie
  • Thanksgiving Side Dishes
  • Thanksgiving Sushi
  • Traditional Thanksgiving Food
  • Thanksgiving Turkey cupcakes
  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving Food
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