Before one goes on to savour the hearty meal which is prepared for expressing gratitude to the lord on the day of thanksgiving, it is always welcome as a culinary delight that appetizers are enjoyed. Something before the main course meal is always important since it makes way for the main meal to come and also provides a sneak peek into the menu of the food yet to come. Thanksgiving appetizers should be chosen and made carefully since they would say a lot about the food which you make for the thanksgiving meal. .


Various kinds of snacks can be made as thanksgiving appetizers and snacks depending upon the taste of the people who are invited. Some of the recipes may include onion cheese balls, cheese pizza, pine nuts and bean dip, french fries, sugar coated pecans, cranberry sauce, parmesan puff pastries, apple and onion galette, calabrian cracked olives, clams casino, etc..


Various kinds of dips and sauces can also be made to go along with the various thanksgiving appetizers. These create an additional taste for the food that otherwise might seem bland or simple to some guests. Cheese spreads, spicy dips, sweet dips, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, etc are some of the recipes that can be used for the purpose along with thanksgiving appetizers.

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