After having nothing less than a feast on the occasion of thanksgiving, a sweet ending to the meal would be the icing on the cake! Wow, it even sounded so sweet! Thanksgiving desserts hold their special importance on this day since a meal without a dessert is incomplete and that too a gratitude meal on the day of thanksgiving. There are a number of desserts on thanksgiving that you can choose and make the hearty meal complete and give it a sweet ending.


There are numerous options that can be considered before chosing the ideal dessert for thanksgiving. Looking for something which suits the occasion, there are some amazing desserts. One of these is doughnut holes made to look like acorns with peanut butter and crumbled toffee. Another one which is popular is a turkey cake. The icing on the cake is made to look like the ruffled feathers of the turkey which makes it a suitable dessert for the occasion. Marshmallow pilgrim hats and gobbler goodies are also some such desserts which can be made on thanksgiving.


A very popular thanksgiving dessert is the turkey cake. This cake is made to look like a turkey which has been roasted whole. How this is made? Different parts of the turkey are made by baking cakes and then cutting them into pieces resembling parts of a turkey. These are then assembled together and joined using cream etc. icing is put in the colour of an actual turkey which gives it the final touches of a turkey.

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