The original celebration of thanksgiving in 1621 at Plymouth was a complete celebration with all kinds of foodstuffs available at that time and the best meat and drinks available. The thanksgiving feast was simply a marvel which the pilgrims and the native Indians enjoyed to the hilt. You can also plan a grand thanksgiving meal on this special day and have a great time with your friends and family.


The thanksgiving meal that you plan to cook requires preparation beforehand. This is possible only when the dishes and recipes have been decided beforehand. Also, the requisite purchasing has to be done for the number of people that have been invited. The main dish of turkey has to be calculated while choosing to make enough for everyone. Cheese, herbs, potatoes, etc are also to be purchased to make the best thanksgiving feast possible.


There are numerous recipes that can be considered for the thanksgiving feast. These recipes include Thanksgiving breeze sunbreezes, sausage and kale dressing, whole turkey with miles stuffing and gravy, wild rice, thanksgiving rolls, orange soup, stuffed onions, clams, mussels, mushroom, etc. With such items in the menu, the meal that you prepare will be a thanksgiving feast which is huge and will make everyone on the dinner table really happy and satiated with the food.

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