This is a very common problem and happening that on the day of thanksgiving, the meal that is cooked usually is made more than it is consumed and as a result a lot of food of food is left over. This would usually mean a waste of food stuffs but now there are some great ideas that will help you use the thanksgiving leftovers in some great dishes that you can eat even after thanksgiving and enjoy them too!

  • Leftover turkey pot pie
  • Thanksgiving leftover recipes like leftover turkey casserole
  • Teftover mashed potatoes
  • Leftover turkey salad
  • Thanksgiving leftover casserole
  • Thanksgiving turkey leftovers
  • Leftover cranberry sauce


Thanksgiving leftovers usually include turkey which was cooked much more than the number of people who turned up for the thanksgiving meal. This leftover thanksgiving turkey can be used to make some great new dishes that interest’s youngsters and elders alike. An amazing idea to use the turkey thanksgiving leftovers is to make sandwiches of the turkey by mincing it or even mixing it sauces and veggies. This can be a healthy meal for kids and also very appealing to the taste buds of kids too.


Cranberry sauce is another one of the common thanksgiving leftovers which can be used after the holiday. This sauce can be warmed and served as a topping for ice cream. This sauce which was a part of the traditional thanksgiving meal can be mixed with cream cheese too which can then be used as a spread for toasts and muffins. A very good option for glazing chicken, this cranberry sauce can also be mixed and cooked lightly in melted butter. This is another great way to use thanksgiving leftovers and prevent wastage of the thanksgiving meal later on.

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