The meal that is prepared on the occasion of thanksgiving has a lot of importance attached to it since it is the meal of gratitude which is celebrated for the lord almighty for his grace and blessings which gave prosperity in the past year. There are many dishes that are prepared in the meal but the limelight is taken up the main dish which is more than usually the turkey dish. However there are various side dishes too which are prepared. These thanksgiving side dishes are also a very important part of the meal since they give a sneak peek into the actual main dishes that are prepared.


Numerous thanksgiving recipes side dishes can be chosen to be cooked on this special day. The options include various kinds of things that can be considered and therefore chosen later. Soups and salads, sauces, appetizers, cookies, etc are a great idea to be taken up for the side dishes in the thanksgiving meal. Mashed potatoes are one side dish that are very popular and have been continued since so many years now as a part of the thanksgiving meal just like the turkey.


Other thanksgiving side dishes include very exciting recipes like cornbread, onion and tomato pie, roasted fennel and bean relish, Zucchini, Mojito, fried okra, spaghetti squash, caramel popcorn sweet potatoes, sweet and sour pumpkin, etc. These are various other thanksgiving side dishes make the whole meal a perfect blend of all kinds of amazing side dishes in addition to the main dish to make up a great thanksgiving meal.

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