For those who wish to try something new on the occasion of thanksgiving than just the traditional thanksgiving meal, thanksgiving sushi is a very good option that can be chosen. Slight twist from the regular traditional food on thanksgiving can be great for the whole occasion and celebration.


Instead of the usual stuffed turkey, various other things in sushi can be tried out for this occasion and it would just mean a replacement for the stuffing in the turkey and the food wrapped inside a soy paper. This innovation has been made by some upscale restaurants which have introduced the thanksgiving meal in combination with sushi. The thanksgiving sushi can be served along with the traditional dishes like mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce etc. Other combinations may include avocados, asparagus, etc.


Thanksgiving sushi has taken pace as one of the most popular meals on this special occasion. People often switch to this option if they wish for a change on the occasion of thanksgiving and wish to have some innovation. For those people who think this is something out of taste for them, the thanksgiving sushi is just the turkey cooked and wrapped in soy paper. The only thing missing in the meal is the turkey stuffing but the taste is greatly enhanced.

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