The original thanksgiving meal at Plymouth is taken to be the ideal one for any family that wishes to celebrate Thanksgiving with a good hearty meal. There were many ingredients which were not available at that time but are, now. Therefore slight variations in the traditional thanksgiving food have been made and are cooked on the occasion of thanksgiving.


The original and main dish is that of turkey which is cooked in various different ways on thanksgiving. Stuffed turkey is the most common way of preparing it. The stuffing may be made of potato or anything else according to the taste. Also, to go along with the turkey is another traditional recipe of cranberry sauce which is eaten on this day. Mashed potatoes are also a part of the traditional thanksgiving food that is made till this day on thanksgiving.


Pumpkin pie is another popular option and is a very important part of the traditional thanksgiving food. Corn on the cob, muffins, popcorn, sweet potatoes, candied yams, apple pie, ham, pecan pie, etc are also some other dishes that can be made as a part of the original recipes for thanksgiving. For the drinks, sparkling juice is a great option that is considered for the traditional thanksgiving food.

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