It is true that meat and meat dishes are a very important part of the thanksgiving meals but in case the guests or even you as a host are a vegetarian, then the stress has to be on vegetarian dishes and not meat. There are numerous dishes that can be prepared for the vegetarian thanksgiving if you wish to have it. The right choice of vegetarian dishes can also make the occasion equally enjoyable than it is in a usual non-vegetarian meal which is cooked on the occasion of thanksgiving.


Numerous vegetarian thanksgiving dishes can be considered to be prepared on the occasion of thanksgiving. These dishes also can add a lot of excitement to the occasion and the family and friends who have got together on the day to thank god also have a great time with the meal. Various dishes like lasagne, ratatouille, shepherd’s pie, vegetable gratin, spanakopita, sweet potato gratin, veggie loaf, winter squash risotto, etc can be the options to choose the main course of the meal.


Side dishes for the vegetarian thanksgiving meal are also present in plenty to make a suitable choice. These dishes may include cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, red cabbage with cranberries or sauce, stuffed sweet potatoes, mushroom sauce, etc. Appetizers like potato soup, squash soup, wild rice, rice salad, etc can be chosen. Breads like corn bread, dinner rolls, popovers, buttermilk biscuits, etc are present to make a choice. All these options will make the vegetarian thanksgiving meal a great hit among the guests on this day.

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