The Thanksgiving Day is full of so much fun for the elders and also lots of preparations too which somehow leaves the children ignored and out of the activity too. To keep busy, occupied and also happy, there is a great way that elders can use. By way of thanksgiving crossword puzzle, the children also will be involved in the activities of thanksgiving.


The thanksgiving crossword puzzles can be given to the children when the mothers are busy preparing the dishes for the meal of thanksgiving. This will keep them very interested. Also, the crossword can be chosen from the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. According to the level of the child’s intelligence and his age, the puzzle level can be chosen. The crosswords are related to the history and importance of thanksgiving and thereby are very knowledgeable for the kids as well.


Even while travelling to some distant friend or cousin, the long drives can be very boring and makes the children restless. They can be kept busy with a thanksgiving crossword puzzle which will keep them happy on the occasion of thanksgiving. Rewards for the children can also be decided which will keep the children enthusiastic about the occasion and about the thanksgiving crossword puzzle.

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