For the day of thanksgiving as everyone knows, there is a lot of history and customs attached. However, most people do not have the true knowledge of the history of this day. To check the knowledge of people and also create a good environment, thanksgiving quiz is a great way.


This will bind people with each other and elders to kids; everyone will get involved in the quiz that is happening relating to the occasion of thanksgiving. With trivial questions and puzzling answers to the thanksgiving quiz, everyone can be made to take part in the activity and have fun. There are so many questions that people wish to have answered about the occasion of thanksgiving, like the name of the chief of the Wampanoag Indians or the name of the ship on which the pilgrims came to Plymouth. These and various other questions exist in the minds of people for which they seek answers.


Thanksgiving quiz with the game of question and answer related to origin and history of thanksgiving festival serve numerous purposes on this special day like imparting knowledge, involving everyone in the gathering, make a good time for the kids too who often know a lot more than the adults and a very lively and proactive atmosphere can be created on the dinner table when everyone is just waiting to have an amazing thanksgiving meal.

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