People think that thanksgiving traces back to 1621 when the first celebration happened in Plymouth. There is however a very long story and life behind the history of thanksgiving. The feast between the Indians and the colonials of Plymouth took place in this year when they wished to thank god for his blessings. After so many problems and deaths, they were able to cultivate their own food with the help of natives and were able to survive which became the reason for this feast. The history of thanksgiving dates back to that old a time by the people who were called pilgrims. .


The thanksgiving history relates to the migration of Pilgrims who sailed to this country aboard the ship called Mayflower. These people were actually English who had sailed to Holland first but after not liking the place much went ahead to come to Plymouth in search of a place with better religious tolerance. Once they landed up at Plymouth, they faced a lot of problems since they had no food to survive on. Pilgrims then collected fruits and vegetables due to which the colonial people thought that they were thieves. However, when told about the situation they empathised with them and taught them how to cultivate their food. .


After the food was cultivated and harvested, the thanksgiving feast was then held by the colonials as well as the Pilgrims to thank god for their harvests which were blessed by his mercy. The feast was celebrated together and the main dishes there included turkey, cranberry sauce, fowl, pumpkin pie, maize baked cake, swan, etc which were cooked by way of amazing recipes for everyone.

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