The day after thanksgiving is a Friday since the fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as this occasion. This Friday has been kept by people for shopping and enjoying the holiday fervour more and lots of shopping is done by the people on this day. All the taxes on commodities are lifted off and amazing deals can be obtained which has led to this day being called as Black Friday. 2008 also had this day celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and the observation of the Black Friday 2008 was a complete hit amongst people.


On the Black Friday 2008, people came across numerous deals which they could just grab and obtain great benefits from. Highly discounted deals and purchases were on offer for the people and the day seemed like a sneak peek into the shopping time and fever that would again make it known at the time of Christmas. Second only to the occasion of Christmas, thanksgiving experiences record shopping by people who save for the whole year. This makes them prepared for such a time when they need money the most and get best deals.


All taxes are removed for just one day and the customers and shopkeepers make great benefits on Black Friday. On the occasion of the Black Friday 2008, great deals for shopping with heavy discounts were offered even online. Offers and deals and superb benefits were made available which were made use of by the people who shopped to the hilt on the day after thanksgiving.

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