The travel of the Pilgrims from England to Holland and then from Holland to the Americas which were called the ‘New World’ by them was aboard this great ship called Mayflower. It was this ship that braved the uncontrollable storms, survived the harsh seas and made it through the chilly winds of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Voyage of the Mayflower ship started from Southampton in England in 1620. On the 6th of September of 1620, the ship raised its anchor from England and went on its 66-day journey to Cape Cod on November 11 when its anchor was dropped in the Provincetown Harbor. The original destination of the Mayflower ship was Hudson River presently near New York but due to a very severe winter, the Mayflower went off-course and reached ashore of Plymouth.


Mayflower was originally a cargo ship which had a crew of 25 people and had the typical size of merchant ships of 180 tons. The captain of the ship, between the period of 1609 and 1622 was Christopher Jones who mastered the ship for its world-famous and historically important journey. After dropping the pilgrims at Plymouth, the Mayflower ship returned to England. In the year 1622, the captain Christopher Jones died and in the very next year, the ship was dismantled in Rotherhithe for scrap lumber.

The Mayflower ship’s important journey in which it carried the separatist pilgrims to Americas from England brought its name in the books of history of the important day of Thanksgiving which is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in the United States of America. Find the Related Thanksgiving category images

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