Everyone has taken a very rosy and pretty picture of thanksgiving and this occasion is celebrated by Americans with great joy and fervour. However there is a group of people which observes thanksgiving as the National Day of Mourning. This is something very ironical considering the importance of the day in the country but there is some substantial history and emotion which is behind this decision of people and this day is observed as the Nat’l Day of Mourning since 1970.


It is usually told as history that the pilgrims landed at Plymouth and suffered a lot of problems due to harsh weather conditions and scarcity of food. They were then taught how to survive by the Wampanoag Indians and they braved all the circumstances to establish themselves. In all this history, the Indians fade into the background and are mentioned nowhere. This is the area where this original race of this continent was forgotten and the English pilgrims took over and now in the present situation consider the Indians as a race which has come from somewhere else to live in their country.


The migrants from Europe have taken over the history, geography and every facet of the country and the original inhabitants of the place have been forgotten. As an observation to this fact, the national day of Mourning is observed by all the Indians who stand out in the cold when almost the rest of the country is enjoying their turkey and watching football. There are also claims by the Indians that the actual history has been twisted to suit the pilgrims.

The Indians say that when they came to this land, they were looking not for religious freedom but for the introduction of sexism, ways of racism, gay intolerance, jails and also introduced class distinction to these lands. All this has led to forgetting of the Indians who were the original race in the Americas and the pilgrims being brought to the forefront. This has led to all the anger in hearts of Indians and thereby the observation of the national day of mourning. Find the Related Thanksgiving category images

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