Pilgrims or Pilgrim Fathers were the puritans from England who had planned to leave the country since they did not consider it very ungodly for them to live in. They considered it to be too against the will of god to live in and therefore planned to find a place where they could live and have their next coming generations in a way which was in the will of god.


The Pilgrim Fathers left England in 1620 aboard the ship Mayflower to go ashore Holland. After staying there for some time, here too they were not satisfied with the way of living and moved on. This time they decided upon Americas where they could go ashore the Hudson Bay near New York. It was totally by chance that the stormy seas took them not to Hudson Bay but Massachusetts at Plymouth. Here the severe winters struck and they lost several of their members too.


Since there was no food available for consumption, they had to rely on only the wastes that they could find. The Indians then taught the Pilgrim Fathers how to cultivate their own food so as to make their survival easy. Nothing of the seeds that they had brought from England was found to be useful since the weather was totally different. The Pilgrim Fathers then settled there for a new life which they started off with the help of the Wampanoag Indians. To celebrate the harvest that they reaped in 1621, the Pilgrim Fathers held the first thanksgiving feast and even the Wampanoag Indians were invited to the feast.

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