The occasion of thanksgiving has a very strong history which has made the belief and celebration of this spread far and wide and also followed greatly. The first thanksgiving happened on the Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts when the pilgrims celebrated their survival and the first year of flourishing in the New World that they had inhabited.


There is a big and important story attached to the Plymouth Rock which gives day of thanksgiving its due importance. The pilgrims from England had left the country after their attempt to change it and make it a better religious place to live. The attempt had failed and they tried their luck to stay at Holland. However, the stay was not long since their expectations were not met and they left aboard the ship called Mayflower. Strong currents and wild winds took them to an unknown destination which they had not decided earlier and they reached Massachusetts.


After a difficult start and a very cold winter which was deprived of food, the pilgrims lost many of their companions. Then it was the race of the Wampanoag Indians who taught them how to cultivate their own food. They started to do so and ultimately flourish and planned to celebrate the first harvest that they had. The celebration was to thank the Almighty for his blessings and showering prosperity and this was done on the very massive Plymouth Rock. The Indians too were invited for this feast of gratitude. There were great meals laid down on the Plymouth Rock and everyone savoured the harvests and celebrated the first thanksgiving ever and the tradition continues till date.

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