For the first time on June 20, 1676, it was in Charlestown in Massachusetts where the governing council of the place proclaimed the first thanksgiving. It was done for gratitude to the lord for blessing everyone for a good fate that has been blessed to them over the year. .


Also, in addition it was for thanking the Almighty for the successful settlement of the colonies in America and also for the triumph which was established over the native people of the place. As a result, the date of June 29 was fixed to be the Thanksgiving Day for the people and Indians were for sure not a part of the celebrations. The first celebration of thanksgiving was done in the year 1777 at Saratoga. There were 13 colonies which formed a part of the celebrations at this venue.


The next President, Thomas Jefferson did not like this day to be celebrated as Thanksgiving Day. Therefore the celebrations were discontinued and it was only in 1863 that the proclamations were made. It was by President Lincoln that the thanksgiving proclamations were made and the national Thanksgiving Day was then fixed to be on the last Thursday of November. The dates of this special day of thanksgiving were shifted so many times, sometimes for a longer weekend vacation and sometimes due to the objection put forth by the people. Finally in the year 1941, the date of thanksgiving was fixed to be on the fourth Thursday of the month of November. Also, it is celebrated as a national holiday throughout the nation.

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