The fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as the Thanksgiving Day when everyone gets together and thanks god for his bountiful blessings which helped them get great harvests through the year. Since it is a Thursday, many people take the Friday also off from their work and a long weekend of four days is enjoyed by them. This long weekend is taken as a vacation by people and in these thanksgiving holidays, they can visit any far-off places and have a great time on the occasion. .


During the complte week of thanksgiving holidays, many people also wish to stay home and share a joyous dinner with the close family members and friends. The schools are off and kids love to make preschool craft projects given by the teachers. For the occasion, special preparations are made for the decoration of the house, the dishes that are to be prepared, etc. There are some people who also plan big parties on Thanksgiving and have all old and new friends invited to the party. Recipes like turkey, pumpkin cupcake, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie etc are prepared for this day.


During Thanksgiving holiday vacation time, there are other activities organized as well. Sunday masses are organized and also there are thanksgiving parades which are held on the main avenues. It becomes really a great experience for everyone when they have costume parties, attend masses, make and attend dinner parties. Simply a superb time for everyone on Thanksgiving, this is a day which is treasured by all for the gratitude they have for the almighty for giving his blessings to them in the form of a good harvest.

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