The time of thanksgiving usually has a lot of celebrations happening and everyone is in the mood of these celebrations. There is a fervor that grips towns and cities and it is that of festivities and the holiday season that awaits everyone in the coming month. The times before and after thanksgiving too is equally full of the excitement that people look forward to in the time of gratitude and thankfulness for which they thank the god through the thanksgiving meal.


Before thanksgiving arrives, everyone is busy in the preparations of this big day which everyone takes to be a sneak peak in the Christmas season that will come ahead. People are busy in shopping for this day, buying cornucopias, getting the best turkey from the market according to their guest list and most importantly invited close friends and family members for the thanksgiving meal. There are people who wish to travel to some faraway destination on the occasion of thanksgiving and make use of the extended weekend.


After the day of thanksgiving has gone past and the celebrations have been made, people still have some of the spirit of the holiday still lurking in their minds. Shopping is still done on the weekend and people tend to enjoy the thanksgiving leftovers even after the thanksgiving meal has been enjoyed to the hilt. Cousins who have come over for stay are there for a couple of more days and the time before and after thanksgiving is enjoyed to a great extent. The famous holidays before and after thanksgiving are Halloween, Diwali, Christmas and New Year Eve.

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