Everyone who celebrates thanksgiving knows the importance of pumpkin on this day. Like the unmatched importance of pumpkins on the day of Halloween, thanksgiving also has a lot of importance attached to this vegetable and is used for various kinds of purposes. It may be decoration of the house, preparing a meal dish on thanksgiving or making the dessert, thanksgiving pumpkin is an inseparable part of the occasion which cannot be refuted no matter where you go.


Like turkey and corns, thanksgiving pumpkins too are native to the American continent and were grown in plenty at the time of the first thanksgiving celebration that was made in Plymouth in 1621. There were not many vegetables which were used in the meal and more of meat was included. However, pumpkin was present in many dishes and desserts which satisfied the appetites and celebrations of the pilgrims. The kids love to make pumpkin crafts and decorative pumpkin carving for thanksgiving day and halloween too.


Till date, pumpkins form an important part of the meal cooked on thanksgiving. There are various kinds of dishes that can be cooked. These include appetizers and main course dishes which are tasty and mouth-watering. Pumpkin rolls, stuffed pumpkins, etc are some of these dishes which are a part of the long list of dishes cooked on thanksgiving. The pudding of Pumpkin and sweet pumpkin pies are however an undoubted inclusion in the desserts of the thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations with the carved pumpkins are also very popular on this occasion. Uncut pumpkins survive various weeks which keeps it preserved easily. Various decorations can be made like small pumpkins can be used to make wreaths for house decorations. Big pumpkins can be carved and with lights put inside the pumpkins, they can give a great looks when kept in a corner of the house. Such exquisite decorations and the great taste of thanksgiving dishes make the thanksgiving pumpkin all the more a part of the occasion of thanksgiving and its celebrations. Find the Related Thanksgiving category images

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