The word Tofurkey is a blend of the two words tofu and turkey. It is a very popular dish amongst the vegetarian households on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Tofurkey is faux turkey and usually made of wheat protein called seitan or tofu. Also, along with the main ingredients it is seasoned with numerous herbs and spices to give it a great taste. It is one of the best alternatives for people who do not have meat and look for a replacement of the main dish of the meal.


Tofurkey is available very easily in the market and can be cooked in various kinds of dishes as a replacement of meat. Various brands which provide quality material are available in the market for tofurkey. On the occasion of thanksgiving, it is a very popular food since there are many people who have turned vegetarian for better health. To make the meal as good as meat for them, tofurkey is the perfect replacement which is highly nutritious and also provides a great taste to the meal which is just like that of meat. Obtain this food material which is equally tasty and nutritious like meat and will also not leave you helpless on an occasion like thanksgiving.

Tofurkey Thanksgiving Tofurkey
Tofurkey Tofurkey

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