People like to try out new meat dishes and on the day of thanksgiving when turkey is the main dish on the table, people had come up with turducken which was a combination of a chicken stuffed inside a duck and the duck stuffed inside the turkey. However, there is a new recipe which has taken everyone by surprise. Get the all tips of cooking Turgooducochiqua thanksgiving recipe in our food guide.


This dish is called Turgooducochiqua and is a combination of six birds and a pig which is cooked and stuffed to make a great new dish which is simply too tasty and amazing to look at. The Turgooducochiqua is a recipe which people say is very interesting since it has a combination of various meats. The dish involves the birds like a quail, hen, duck, chicken, turkey and finally a goose. All these birds are stuffed inside one another and a layer of bacon is also included in the recipe.


This great new recipe is something which might be regarded as unfathomable for some and also superbly delicious for others. People can now try something new for their thanksgiving meal and enjoy a great time slicing and savouring their Turgooducochiqua over the dinner table with their friends and family and have a great thanksgiving. This thanksgiving just cook a quail inside a cornish hen inside a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey inside a goose. To make a delicious Turgooducochiqua turkey recipe you can use the ideas to cook a turkey like bake it, roast it in oven, fry it, broil it, and grill it.

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