Celebrated in a very beautiful time of the year, Thanksgiving means a lot to people who keep in their hearts gratitude for the almighty. This is the day when everyone thanks Him for his bounty and blessings that he has given to everyone to lead a good life. Thanksgiving is just a way to express to one’s own conscience and god that we are here and surviving because of his grace and blessings. People have their own ways of being happy and expressing gratitude on thanksgiving and it is practised by people all over the country.


As an answer to the question that what is thanksgiving, it means a day for people when they get together with their families and close ones. They gather together to thank god for their mercy and also enjoying a feast of gratitude meant to respect the almighty and the prosperity that he has blessed everyone with. Such a day calls for great preparations which are duly made by the people who celebrate with a lot of fervour and joy.


People cook special meals on this day what is thanksgiving. Traditional meals include specific dishes and ingredients that make it really a special time reminding of our ancestors and their fight for survival in tough times. People make prayers of thanks to the god and then enjoy the meals. A lot of decorations are made and even a very extensive parade is organised by people from all over the country on the day of thanksgiving.

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