Thanksgiving is associated with numerous symbols which are meant to represent this occasion which is celebrated on fourth Thursday of November. There is a lot of history and past attached to this occasion which is then represented in the form of symbols. Turkey is the most well-known symbol for thanksgiving with which it is known everywhere.


It is said that turkey was a part of the feast that happened on first thanksgiving in Plymouth in 1621. Any wild bird was called a turkey in those times and thereby turkey is till date is considered to be a part of the thanksgiving. A turkey can be drawn easily with a hand by keeping a palm facing downwards and then tracing it with a pencil. This makes it all the more easier for the kids too to make and spread the turkey as one of the thanksgiving symbols. The all popular Thanks giving symbols associated with turkey day are turkey symbol, cornucopia, pumpkins, symbol corns for thanks giving day, symbol cranberry, Maize farms, Indian green beans, Pug , Pilgrims, turkey leftover symbol, etc.


Indian corn on the cob is another symbol which is related to thanksgiving. Even though the corn that is eaten on thanksgiving is a different, the common symbol is the Indian corn which makes it popular all over the world. The cornucopia is another of the famous thanksgiving symbols which is popular and is seen to carry a lot of fresh harvest, fruits and grains. All these symbols which also include a pilgrim with a buckled hat on the head, etc are great ways to represent thanksgiving. These thanks giving symbols have stayed since so many years and thereby are popular all over the world.

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