To signify the abundance of food, a cornucopia is the symbol which has been used since the 5th century BC. The cornucopia is also called as the ‘horn of plenty’, ‘horn of Amalthea’and the harvest cone. The thanksgiving cornucopia is used as a symbol of abundance on the occasion of thanksgiving and is used at various places and instances on the day and in the celebration of this special day of thanksgiving.


The original cornucopia is said to have broken off the head of Amalthea which was a goat. This happened when it was playing with Zeus. Amalathea, as a result was changed into a unicorn. Zeus however gave the horn back to her but with supernatural powers which could grant any wish that she had. Usually the picture of cornucopia is shown with fruits, vegetables and flowers when symbolizing abundance but it also depicts a woman’s fertility.


On thanksgiving, cornucopia is gifted to near and dear ones in various forms. Gifts can be given to the family and friends enclosed in cornucopias. They can be a part of the baskets which are ordered for the family. Even the hosts at a dinner celebration of thanksgiving can use thanksgiving cornucopia as a part of the decoration that is made in the house and on the dinner table as a centerpiece. A part of the harvest along with fruits, flowers and grains are put inside the cornucopia to give it a traditional as well as meaningful look which thereby gives the cornucopia its importance on the day of thanksgiving.

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