Turkey and turkey dishes have a very important place in the thanksgiving meal in every household. However, also no meal is complete without an addition to the meal which is cranberry. Usually, this fruit is not consumed by people but on the day of thanksgiving, it is made into a sauce, the cranberry sauce which is a great side dish for supplementing the food made in the thanksgiving meal.


The name of cranberries is derived from the word ‘craneberry’ as it was called by the Native American settlers due to the look of its flower parts which resembled greatly the crane. It was the Native Americans only which first grew cranberries in Americas. These people were the ones who introduced cranberries, then called Sassamanash to the pilgrims who had settled at Massachusetts in 1620. This cranberry then made its place in the traditional meal of thanksgiving which is continued till date.


The most famous form in the meal is the cranberry sauce which is very easy to prepare. There are many health benefits too of cranberries which make it a good fruit to consume. Also, it has an antioxidant property which attracts even more people to have it. Such positives as well as the history of this fruit have made cranberries a permanent dish of the thanksgiving meal.

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