In addition to the main course dishes that are cooked on the occasion of thanksgiving, there are other side dishes too which are cooked as snacks, appetizers, fillers etc. The main dish of the thanksgiving meal is usually the turkey which may be cooked in various ways.


However, one of the important side dishes is that of sweet potato. Thanksgiving is a day when everyone thanks god for his bounty and prosperity. thanksgiving sweet potato dishes are one of the important ingredients which were most probably a part of the traditional thanksgiving meal. There are various kinds of sweet potato thanksgiving recipes that can be chosen according to taste. These may be integrated with other traditional ingredients like cranberry and cider-glazed sweet potatoes with cranberries are one such dish.


Whipped sweet potato served along with crust of marshmallow is another amazing option to be tried on thanksgiving. Baked sweet potatoes can be also a great dish on this day and they can also be flavoured to be sweet and savoury. Bourbon mashed recipe of thanksgiving sweet potato can be tried by those who wish to make it very interesting and something novel. With such sweet potato thanksgiving recipes, a whole new taste can be enjoyed on this special occasion.

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